Seasons costs to date: how is your sponsorship helping us?

With only a few weeks to go to the TT, it’s time for some accounting to you – our supporters and sponsors. Would you like to know how your donations are helping the two race seasons? I think it’s important to be transparent with you about where your money is going. Here’s a breakdown.

Now, these are only the costs which I have personally incurred or committed to already, and don’t include costs paid directly by Simon and Fanch on engine refreshes, new sprockets or bearings, suspension refreshes, frame straightening (!), and so on. These also don’t include costs which we’ll incur at the TT such as fuel and tyres.

TT – £2,771
Fuel & disposables – £217
UK short circuit entries & test days – £2,025
French racing costs – £343
Support costs & signage – £328

So, when we say to you THANK YOU for supporting us, we really mean it! Hopefully you can now see how much your donation is genuinely contributing towards our season’s costs. So far you wonderful people have given £1700 towards this – give yourselves a big pat on the back, you’re all superstars.

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