Mallory 16/03/2014 (EMRA)

We had a cracking practice day on Wednesday with six sessions on circuit, of which we did about 5 in total if we added all the bits up together. ‘We’ is me and Simon Smith on an MR Equipe, sponsored by Safe Response Ltd and Andrew Shurmer (Anoeth Ltd).

Devil's Elbow

Devil’s Elbow (c) Grant Tapsell

Race day yesterday was with EMRA with 17 or so outfits starting race 1 (15 F2s, 2 Open / F1 class).  A red flag on qualifying lap 5 when the 750cc roofed it on the start-finish straight underneath the bridge occurred just as we had cleared traffic and about to go for our flying lap. On the restart we had an airlock in the radiator so ended up gridded 13/17, not great.

We didn’t have a great start in race 1, several outfits overtook us, then the remaining F1 blew its engine and deposited oil round most of Gerrards and Edwinas so we clawed our way up to 9th with various DNFs and got the TT sig I need. Breathe a sigh of relief!

Race start

Race start (c) Dominic Bedford

Race 2 was heavily delayed following various solos throwing themselves at the scenery, but gridded 9th we had a much better start and Simon found a target to chase.  We took half a second off Simon’s best lap time – not as fast as we could go due to the greasy surface, but we had some hard, close racing with a few outfits, passed a couple and lapped one. On lap 7 it all started to go wrong and several passengers dismounted on different corners, yellow flags galore, meaning we ended up crossing the line 4th of 8 finishers. We were extremely pleased with it, a great way to finish the day.

Having opened our season, our next race will be with Wirral 100 at Anglesey on 29/30 March.

Devil's Elbow

Devil’s Elbow (c) Dominic Bedford

Posing for publicity

Posing for publicity (c) Grant Tapsell

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