Au revoir….

The time has come to make this an official announcement: with much regret, I’ve decided to retire from racing. I’ve had a fantastic six years, achieved more than I ever thought possible, was lucky enough to work with some of the best drivers out there, and learned huge amounts.

My family needs me more now: they’ve sacrificed a lot over the last few years for my hobby, so it’s time for some compromise on my side. I won’t say “never” – I’ll keep my ACU licence current – but my shoulder injury is unlikely to let me get back out on circuit this year. I can’t even commit to the TT next year because it falls over GCSEs – and in 2016 I need to be a mum more than I want to be a racer.

Yes, I have unfinished business (who doesn’t?) – circuits I haven’t been to, circuits where I can do better, circuits which get under your skin and need an annual visit… but I’m going out on a high after a season which combined the close racing of the UK clubs, the high of the French championship, and the exhilaration and challenge of the TT.

Thank you to everyone who has made the journey possible: family, friends, supporters, DRIVERS!!!, fellow racers who gave so generously of their time and experience. From humble beginnings on a Mallory test day with Wayne ‘Bob’ Lockey, to the TT – what a ride – going to miss you all…

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