Support and sponsorship – what we can do for each other

Unfortunately racing doesn’t come free, or even cheap. We do it because we love it but couldn’t do it without the help of friends, supporters and sponsors. We want to put on the best entertainment and spectacle we can for you, and bring you as close to the racing as you can get  without actually racing yourself. If you fancy a go on a sidecar though, read on…


How can WE help YOU?

A one-off donation from £250 or more will buy you advertising space here on the website, more will include links and logos on our outfit and  leathers.  Important note: sponsorship may be eligible for tax relief; contact your HMRC office or ask your accountant for details.

20140605 Stortford ObserverWe send PR releases to newspapers, magazines and websites after each round; we can provide you with tickets for any rounds where we are competing, regular race reports and photographs, a warm welcome and a hot cup of tea at the circuit!  We can also arrange to give a presentation to your company, organisation or clients – see below.

The attendance at race circuits varies depending on the club and location, but with upwards of 300 competitors and supporters at each meeting, spectators from hundreds to thousands and the TV audience for televised races (ITV4 for the Isle of Man TT, for example), you could be reaching thousands of potential customers.  We send race reports to the edicated sidecar website Steve’s Place and they report an average of 2900 unique visitors in a week (1-7 Feb 2015).

Anne’s local paper (the Herts & Essex Observer) has a readership of around 11,500 each week; other local papers in which we’ve had press releases and articles published include the Solihull Observer with a weekly readership of over 53,000; Derby Telegraph; Burnham & Highbridge Weekly news and; The Rugby Observer which has a circulation of over 30,000 per week – all of which add up to a lot of coverage!

A two-page spread about Anne in the national magazine of the Women’s Institute, WI Life, had a circulation of 205,000, and a photo and mention in a Saturday edition of the Daily Express was seen by over 600,000.  Add to that the visitors to our website and a lot of potential customers could be reading about your business.

How can you help?

From a practical perspective we need sponsors who can support us with disposable items we need such as helmets, gloves, boots and leathers, tyres, advertising stickers, dzus fasteners, cable ties,  spark plugs, engine oil – lots of physical items where items donated for free or at a discount would really make a difference.

On the other hand what every race team needs is money: race fees, tyres, petrol, diesel for travel… It all mounts up. Every little really does help, so please donate whatever you can afford.  If you are able to donate £250 or more you can be a sponsor (see below). We’ve got a great double-deal on sponsorship this year, with double the exposure in the UK and France, as well as at the TT. Sponsorship may attract tax relief, so it doesn’t need to cost you as much as you think: ask your accountant or HMRC office for details.

(c) Richard GloverFor TT2013 we were able to offer all individual supporters a chance to have their name featured on our sidecar, and repeated the offer in 2014. For 2015 we’ve increased the publicity: for £35, all supporters will appear not only on Simon’s F2 at our short circuit meetings, but on his sidecar for the TT and Fanch’s sidecar for the TT: double exposure at the biggest international road race event of the year. To be a Supporter, visit our page here.


Sponsoring InkyAnn Racing formally can be from as little as £250. We offer three levels of support and sponsorship:

1. A one-off donation (Sponsor / Main Sponsor)

  • All sponsors giving £250 or more will receive advertising space here on the website along with a link to their company or profile, including your logo on our sidecar. Your company name may appear as a sponsor in one of our race meeting programmes.
  • All sponsors giving £500 or more will receive advertising space on the bike and will have space here on the website along with a link to their company or profile; this may be your name, company name or logo as you prefer. We will mention you on our Facebook page and link to you or your company’s site too, we will have you listed as a sponsor in a race programme and will include your details in our regular press releases.  Your details will stay on our sidecar all season, for all our races, in France, the UK and at the Isle of Man TT.
  • If you donate more £1000 and become a Main Sponsor, or more your company will get advertising on the outfit, Facebook page and the website, plus be listed in race programmes as a main sponsor – we may need to arrange associate ACU membership for you, but that’s included. We’ll also mention your company in press releases.  On request we can provide you with a sample contract for your consideration.

Want to come to watch us race?  We’ll provide tickets so you can have free entry on the day.

Donate now using Paypal, for any amount (the more the merrier!)


2. Clubs, groups and charities, including presentations & talks

Part of a group?  Club together and raise £100 or more and we’ll include the your club or organisation’s name and logo on the outfits, with a link on our website.

Would you like Anne to come to give a talk and Powerpoint presentation about sidecar racing to your group or organisation?  We can arrange this as well. Talks can be arranged for daytime or evening, any length from 30mins to 2hrs. There are no travel expenses (within reason!) but we do ask for a donation towards the racing instead of a fee. The amount of this is entirely up to your group.

3. Ongoing practical sponsorship

We always need help in the form of disposable items such as tyres, fuel, oil, cable ties, team wear and helmets.  If your company can help with a specific product of service please contact Anne on anne @ inkyann dot com.  All such sponsors will receive visibility on the website, press releases, outfit or leathers as agreed.

4. Individual Supporters

Buy some of our items for sale at a race meeting, or join our Supporters Club, and know that you’re helping us cover the costs of the season.  Every penny helps!

5. Fancy a go on the sidecar?

We can’t make any promises, but sometimes throughout the season some club organisers will allow us to offer ‘taxi rides’. These are high-speed laps of the circuit as a co-rider in the sidecar, usually in exchange for a donation to a charity of the club’s choosing. In 2014 Simon and I were able to offer taxi rides on a full-day at Llandow, and also at lunchtimes at Darley Moor, Brands Hatch and Mallory Park. We gave taxi rides to over 20 individuals, some once and some several times, and a couple have even gone on to get their race licences.

Llandow Test Day

Llandow Test Day

Unfortunately we have little influence over when or where these sessions may happen, but if we hear of any we will publicise them to the max. Aspirant co-riders can often request a specific driver and Simon would be delighted to be your host. We may be limited to only 3 or 4 taxi-riders in session, so if you’re interested please let us know as soon as you can. The organising club often have an application form and disclaimer for you to sign too.

Taxi rides at Brands Hatch

Taxi rides at Brands Hatch

Don’t worry if you haven’t got any kit: we can lend you leathers, helmets, gloves and boots if you don’t have your own. For your first ever taxi-ride we recommend you stay still: Simon will drive around you but you’ll still get the same thrill of speed. If you fancy coming back to learn more, we can start to teach you the basics of moving for rights and lefts, but we’ll never ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Where will your money go?

These are some of the costs of racing, so you can see how and where your support might help us:

  • £50 – a season’s supply of gaffa tape, cable-ties and dzus fasteners and absorbent matting. Don’t forget the WD40 and Swarfega!
  • £40 – Replacement spark plugs (NGK CR10E plugs)
  • £50 – an oil change (Silkolene PRO R 0W-20Racing Oil)
  • £80 – 3 sets of brake pads from Ferodo
  • £100 – new chain
  • £150 – race fuel for a typical weekend
  • £300 – Typical entry fees for a weekend’s racing.  The season runs from early March to late October, covering most weekends, so these regular amounts soon add up!
  • £350 – new helmet.  Anne wears Shoei XR-1100s, which have saved her head in a number of crashes, including visiting Snaefell (fast) in 2013
  • £500 – Dyno time.  Necessary set-up for the bike and for testing how the new engines are bedding in
  • £650Set of 3 tyres.  Tyres are the most expensive “disposable” on the bike; rear tyres wear out faster than front or chair tyres so will need replacing more frequently. We would like to take three full sets to every meeting (slick, cut slicks and wets)
  • £1000 – new leathers
  • £1500 – new engine
  • £5000 – basic cost of the 2015 UK and TT team campaign for Anne with travel, tyres and fuel. Francois and Estelle’s season is reckoned to be around 20,000 Euros on top.
  • All those extras: a new fairing, an awning to work under, cleaning materials, fuel to get to and from race circuits, ferry crossings for the TT, tools for working on the bike, fibreglass repair kit, new sprockets, endless cups of tea and biscuits…

Every penny counts…

At race meetings we have items for sale: Fanch sells his wonderful Vinsobraises wine (from the vineyard where he works) and we’ll have TT-related items at all our UK meetings. Please buy some.

We couldn’t race without the help of our supporters and sponsors. PLEASE go and visit their websites – support them and you’ll be supporting us.

Please email Anne (anne @ inkyann dot com) to find out more about sponsorship opportunities. Thank you.

*Statistics from 2014.