2015 Supporters Club – info

Following on from our hugely successful 2013 and 2014 Supporters Clubs, we’re delighted to offer a double + bonus opportunity in 2015.

For just £35, in 2015 your name will appear on Simon’s fairing through the UK season, and on BOTH Simon and Fanch’s fairings at TT2015: double benefit for a single donation, and this year every Supporter will receive an exclusive goodie bag* as well as a photo Thank You card at the end of the season. What’s in your goodie bag? Have a look below: an exclusive photograph (c) Jenny Wells from Brands Hatch October 2014, a TT pin badge, and exclusive to InkyAnn Racing, an “Isle of Man TT2015 Sidecar Support Crew” wristband**

All supporters will be recognised on this page and on our Facebook page as well as on the fairing, and all proceeds used to support Anne’s season with both Simon and Francois.

2015 Supporter's pack: a photo, TT pin badge and EXCLUSIVE wristband

2015 Supporter’s pack: a photo, TT pin badge and EXCLUSIVE wristband

If you’d like to be part of our 2015 Supporters club, you can either donate £35 by clicking on the link below, or you can send us a cheque with your details. Email us for our address (anne @ inkyann dot com) and we’ll get straight back to you. If you donate via GoFundMe, please email us with your name for the fairings and your postal address too.

Please allow a few days from making your donation before your name will appear on here, but do contact me if nothing has appeared soon. Thank you!



You can see who’s signed up for TT2015 Supporters Club here.


* A couple of people have said they’d rather not receive any goodies or a thank-you card, but rather have every penny go towards the racing. If you would prefer not to receive your items then just let us know – we won’t be offended 🙂

**Can’t afford to be a Supporter but fancy a wristband? We’ll have them for sale at all our meetings.

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