October 2014: with regret, I’ll be stopping sales of jams. Whilst I’ve really enjoyed it over the last 4 years, I simply don’t have the time any more. A very small supply remains, but I won’t be replenishing my stocks. Thank you to everyone who has supported my racing by buying produce over the years.

If you’d like to support our racing by buying some of Anne’s lovely goodies, look no further.  We take a small profit from each jar sold sold plus 10% of the sale cost is also donated to the Rob Vine Fund.  You can see how much we’ve donated here.  To ask about any of these products please email Anne (anne @ inkyann dot com).

Jam, Marmalade & Chutney: ‘InkyAnn Sidecar Jam’. A taste of home-made comfort available throughout the season, mostly from locally-sourced fruit & vegetables.  Available in 8oz jars at £1.75.  Can be bought from us in the paddock; not currently available by post due to the sheer cost of posting heavy jars – sorry 🙁
Current varieties available at October 2014:2013-12-01 11.36.44

  • Fragrant Red Plum Jam
  • Victoria Plum & Ginger Jam
  • Crab Apple Jelly
  • Seville Orange marmalade
  • Victoria Plum jam
  • Red tomato chutney

Stock is *VERY* low at present, apologies.


5 Responses to Jam!

  1. Soggybiker says:

    Hi Anne
    Can you put me aside a 1lb jar of the Classic Marmalade and one of the most fantastic victoria plum jam before you sell it all to those nasty biker types!

  2. Fritz says:

    Good luck with the T shirt sales, the design is excellent.

  3. fizzy says:

    The Victoria Plum is fab.

    Anne your prices are too low :o)

  4. deano says:

    fastest jam in the paddock , seriously, tangy and tasty, yummee

  5. Stuart says:

    I can vouch for the marmalade. Delicious!

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