TT2014 Supporters Club

I had a staggering and humbling response to the offer in 2013 for supporters and fans to have their name on the sidecar fairing for TT2013. After discussion, François and I are delighted offered this again for 2014 and – as an added bonus – Simon Smith generously agreed that all supporters’ names would appear on his MR Equipe fairing for the whole season too.

(c) Richard GloverFor £25 their names appeared on François’ fairing for the whole of the TT2014 festival, and will also be on on Simon’s fairing for the rest of the 2014 season.  After the TT we sent out thank-you cards with lots of images from the fortnight, as we did in 2013; all names will be visible somewhere on the card so it’ll be your permanent memento.

2014-06-05_056 (Large)If you’d like your business to have its logo on our fairing then please have a look at our Sponsorship page for more ideas.

HUGE THANK YOUs and MERCI BEAUCOUPs for our TT2014 supporters, who were:

  • Gene & Kitty Rankin
  • Lynn Smith
  • Claire Poore
  • Pauline Woodhall
  • Fliss & Mike
  • John Bilsbury (JKB)
  • Jason (DSM Mountain Mile) & Jo
  • Mel & Martyn
  • JaseDaRace
  • Nick & Linda Knowles
  • Jeremy Sagar*
  • Jan Street
  • Iain Souter
  • Liz Calder
  • Cathy Phillpotts
  • Gareth Hatton
  • Oz Warren
  • Greg & Beth
  • Ben Henstridge
  • Sue Foster
  • Chris ‘Partyboy’ Paine
  • Peter Foster
  • Joe Smith
  • Tony Mallichan
  • Richard Glover
  • Keith Bennett
  • Mike and Claire Newton
  • Andrew Shurmer
  • Pete Keating
  • Andy Bryant and Lucy Stebbings
  • Steven Sexton
  • Megan Farnley
  • Morgan Roper
  • Mike Bellaby
  • Jaygee
  • Andy & Vanessa Edwards

*Message received: did GLF and didn’t FC!


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