Videos from 2014

I use some of these clips in my sidecar talks – they were all shot in 2014:

1. Circuit d’Ales test session, Feb 2014 (Anne & Francois)

2. TT2014, Friday night practice start, filmed by Simon Smith

3. TT 2014 – Sidecar Race A: filmed by Gennady Pasenov – nice slo-mo of us at 1:23, and coming back down the return road at 1:56 (love the “It’s a lady!” you can hear in the background!)

4. Karl Bennett & Lee Cain, TT2014 forward-facing onboard camera

5. Karl Bennett & Lee Cain – TT2014 inboard-facing camera. This is a section approaching, and going through, Kirl Michael.

6. Mallory on the front-exit with Mike Bellaby in September 2014. Video shot by Daniel & Isabel Simonneaux.

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