6th July 2014 – Mallory Park (EMRA)

We lucked out on the weather yesterday at Mallory and it was lovely to see so many spectators when the alternatives were to watch F1 (too many wheels), Le Tour (too few wheels) or tennis.

We spent qualifying bedding in our new brake pads but as the braking wasn’t feeling quite right Simon pulled in after only a few laps. We still qualified 8th from 12, but a lap time quite a way off where we’d like to be. A great start to race 1 saw us past a few outfits from the line, but going into Edwinas I thought Simon was being *extremely* confident with the lateness of the braking… except we had no brakes so went straight through the chicane instead.

The commentator announced we were in the sin bin with a 5 second penalty as we’d made places when rejoining <oops>, although Simon let them all through within half a lap. However with confidence knocked in the brakes, when a warning light came on shortly afterwards we pulled to the side of the circuit. Much frustration all round, but we thought we knew what was up with the brakes. We scrubbed down the brake discs and pads and fettled the brake fluid level in the break, then relaxed in the sunshine.

For race 2 we were further back down the grid, but again Simon achieved a blistering start and as we went through Edwinas on lap 1 we’d made it up to 7th place. A little overexuberance at the hairpin scotched our challenge as we gently pirouetted through 360deg, but we recovered quickly. We spent the next few laps chasing down the outfit ahead of us. In the process Simon achieved another personal best: a 1:00.629sec lap. Still not under the minute, which is the ultimate goal, but getting closer every outing.

We crossed the line in 6th overall, 5th in class. So, not quite as much track time as we would have liked, but a very useful day on circuit and has set us up well for Donington at the end of July. We’re wild-carding with the British F2s there as well as doing the club races, so it promises to be a busy weekend.

Photographs courtesy of Dominic Bedford, John Lockett (who captured the spin on camera!) and Kev Boitoult.

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