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InkyAnn Racing

Welcome to the website for InkyAnn Racing, the home of sidecar co-rider Anne Garnish.

(c) Richard Glover, TT2014 at Guthries
(c) Richard Glover, TT2014 at Guthries

All our news and latest exploits can be found here, with information about our current season here, and information for supporters and sponsors here. Why not get yourself a cup of tea, then have a browse around? Do tell me if you find any broken links or problems, and we’ll get them fixed straight away. (Links away from inkyann.com will open a new window or tab.)

Photo by Peter Schiazza for WI Life (April 2012)

On the bar along the top you’ll also find archives showing past galleries, media mentions, race reports and more.  You’ll also find details about sponsorship, how to support racing and how sponsoring InkyAnn Racing could help you or your business. If you’d like Anne to come to your group as a speaker then have a look here, and if you have any comments or queries please email us (anne @ inkyann dot com), we’d love to hear from you!  We also have a Facebook page which is updated frequently, if you’d like to follow us that way, and our Twitter feed is here.

(c) Jenny Triker Wells
(c) Jenny Triker Wells

Brief racing CV: I am an F2  sidecar co-rider (passenger).  In 2012 I competed in the 2012 FSRA / ACU British FII championship, the FSRA F350 Championship and various club F2 & F1 rounds. In 2013 I competed at the 2013 Isle Of Man TT races, Oliver’s Mount and at UK short circuits on the Willow Racing sidecar with driver David Saunders. In 2014 competed on UK short circuit with Simon Smith and at the 2014 and 2015TT with François Leblond. I retired in summer 2015.

(c) Martin Knighton 1

If you’d like to follow the Willow Racing re-build project, please visit here.

If you’ve arrived at this site through a search for Black Indigo – that’s Anne’s old nickname dating back to 1991 at Bristol University. Her new nickname came about in 2005 – read more here.

4 thoughts on “InkyAnn Racing”

  1. Hi Anne,
    I enjoyed reading your write-up from Cadwell Park
    and wanted to say thanks for the mention. Im pleased
    you didnt think I was interfering!
    Excellent website by the way, i should make more of an
    Will you both be doing the next Cadwell in May?
    I forgot to buy some wine!

    Kind Regards



  2. Hi Jo, how lovely to hear from you – and delighted to see you’ve found your way to our Facebook page too. I was at Denman college today with my WI head on, I do love the cross-over between the two worlds. Yes, I’ll be over for the TT sidecar Newcomers weekend 22-24 February and am very much looking forward to the TT this year. Perhaps you could pop down to the paddock and say hi – you’d be very welcome and we’ll make you a cuppa. All the very best, and look forward to meeting you soon. Anne

  3. Hello Anne i was sat in Cottage hospital waiting for blood tests and picked up a WI life magazine. I read your article and am a bit cross with myself as i havnt heard of you, and living on the Isle of Man and also being a motor cycle and TT and Grand Prix freak i thought i knew about everyone. Are you planning on coming to the island again?. Anyway it made interesting reading and is an inspiration. I hav ridden motor cycles for over 50 years now and i am 67 but still ride a Honda CB1000R and i love it. Safe riding regards Jo Fitzpatrick Isle of Man

  4. Hi Anne,

    I have just read your article in WI Life and really enjoyed seeing someone else (in the WI) who is sidecar mad! Had a look at your web site and FB, all makes for good reading.

    I used to be very involved with racing and the chairs back in the late 60’s 70’s, being before your time you won’t have heard of the guys I knew. These days I’ve come full circle and ride pillion again, don’t go to short circuit races, much as I’d like to, as husband doesn’t really enjoy them, but we do the Manx GP. I used to do the TT as well but it’s so busy these days that we don’t bother.
    Of course when I say ‘involved’ I don’t mean actually riding, although I was asked to passenger a few times, but my German (passenger) boyfriend, with the help of one of the first female passengers, talked me out of it. I do admire you for getting on with it.
    My WI is in Worthing, West Sussex and we are still fairly new but building our membership slowly. I like to think that we are a divers lot and not all jam and Jeruselum. Shame you live so far away, you would make a really different speaker 🙂

    Best wishes, Liz

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